Foreign Language Lessons

In a recent, un-official poll, I tossed out the question:  is it Brekky, Brekkie, or Breaky? No consensus. Why can’t it just be breakfast, I asked. Blank stares. Aussie-isms, I’m discovering, have no real reason, but lots of rhymes that especially end with the Y sound. (Brekky, Barbie, Matey.) Or O. (Journo, Muso, Garbo.) This is, of course, the … More Foreign Language Lessons

When Words Go on Hiatus, Pictures Will Talk (of a Year)

I started a part time job in July. Which was also the last time I wrote on this blog. I can’t blame the work for my lack of words—a writer, after all, makes time for writing. No matter what. Toni Morrison wrote on the subway. Flannery O’Connor wrote in the midst of chronic pain. Madeline L’Engle wrote while … More When Words Go on Hiatus, Pictures Will Talk (of a Year)

Surfing Lessons and Circus Shows

So here you are, reading this. Thank you. That means you’re on the Internet, obviously. But no kidding: You and I are connecting now through the Brilliant and Wide World of Websites. The Virtual Community. Science fiction realized! Yet for all its achievements—and there are many—the Web lately has been sort of bugging me. Not that I want you to jump over … More Surfing Lessons and Circus Shows

Friday Night Jabs

Sometimes, just when you think you’re settling into a place, an unexpected elbow jabs you in the side, a sharp reminder that the road ahead might be longer than you thought.  On a slow start of the weekend, my in-laws, who had just finished dinner with us, passed on a game of Scrabble and headed home. 86-year old Joe, after all, had a swim … More Friday Night Jabs

Moving in the Miracles

It’s been a year now since moving to the land down under. A year of sunrises, none quite so spectacular as this one at the Easter morning worship service on the beach where the river mouth spills into the ocean. (At least none that I know of since I’m not usually awake then.) It’s been a year of dog walks and magical drives. A … More Moving in the Miracles

America’s Not-So-Grand Talking Points (With Apologies to the Canyon)

“So what’s the deal with this guy whose name rhymes with Chump?” Also rhymes with Dump. “Yeah, that guy. Is he for real? What’s with Americans? Would they really vote in such a ratbag as president? I reckon the whole world’s holding its breath on this one.” Well. Um. My Aussie friend’s question was as troubling as the situation is … More America’s Not-So-Grand Talking Points (With Apologies to the Canyon)